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On Saturday March 28, 2015, lead investigator Mark A. Anderson joined forces with investigators of  Paranormal Research & Investigation Society (PRIS) Shelli, Harry and Taylor. It appears that this is a professional group, but you would think they would show up with enough money for the motel room. Not only did Shelli borrow the money for her room, she did not pay me back.

The location was in Frisco, NC. The occupants explained that initially there were just footsteps. Two women initially stayed there and then one invited her boyfriend to move in. Once he moved in events escalated, cupboard doors were found open, the refrigerator alarm would come on indicated that the door was left open. Once occupant stated that it felt like there was a lot of pressure on her chest and also was knocked down the steps. The boyfriend would start growling in his sleep and his son would see "the bad man" and be afraid. After speaking with the boyfriend, I found out that he went on several of his own investigations and were calling out the spirits. It is very possible that he got one angry and they followed him back.

Shelli and I arrived in the afternoon to do our walkthrough. As soon as we entered the property Shelli complained about her back hurting. She said it felt like someone kicked her. Once Shelli lifted up her shirt, I could see two small scratches, see pictures. 

The rest of the walkthrough was uneventful, took pictures talked to the occupants and then went back to the room to rest for the nights investigation.

The investigation itself was filled with orbs. The PRIS team felt that many orbs meant a portal or a bunch of bad spirits. I did not feel any evil there. In most of my investigations I find there are a lot of orbs especially in the Elizabeth City area. The ovilus did pick up perhaps the grandmother of the one client, she came in very strong. I feel that she was the one with the footsteps and was there to help and protect. Once there was a loud bang on the wall no one was around to do it, it was caught on audio. Also the Ovilus said "Quick steps" and then a step made a loud crack.

At the end of the investigation Shelli cleansed the house and the occupants, everything has been quiet since.

Pictures from investigation


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