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NC Paranormal Research Investigation:

Museum of Albemarle, Elizabeth City, NC

21-22 September 2013

Team Members

Team 1

Mark A. Anderson

Chad Chappell

The Daily Advance: Reporter and photographer

Team 2

Steve Baker

Jennifer Seymour

The Virginian Pilot: Reporter and Photographer

4 Infrared cameras were setup on the second floor 1 in the stairway 1 in the Jackson House 2 others in the walkways pointed back towards the “Gone with the wind” exhibit. As soon as the infrared was turned on orbs were flying back and forth in the Jackson house, was debunked not to be dust particles do to the direction and varied speed. The camera placed  by the Issac Byrum wooden leg and Nell Cropsy item’s also showed varied orbs travelling at varied speed and directions. Team 2 started on the second floor and team 1 started on the first floor.

Team 1 summary:

Started investigation in the auditorium, the Ovilus X picked up several words none appeared to be from intelligent entities, except when entering the auditorium the second time, twice the word “Act” was displayed. Chad Chappell took various pictures in the auditorium and was able to capture many orbs in that location. There were various places of cold spots as well. The team went to the “Across Three Centuries” exhibit next; however due to no flash allowed the pictures did not come out and no intelligent conversations with spirits.  Next they went to the  area of the Issac Byrum and Cropsy items and tried for some EVP’S no communication until Chad used the Ovilus X in the “Under Both Flags” exhibit area he was able to get: the word “honor” and asked if it was in the war and he then got the word “different” then I asked if it had done something else to honor someone or something. I then got the word “gave”, he then asked if it gave its life for honor but I didn’t get any more responses. In the Jackson house, possible sounds of movement, black mass and moans.

Team 2 Summary:

Jackson House,

Temperature drops, chills felt by multiple investigators, Multiple potential EVPs, need more time to analyze findings Ghost box revealed several instances of words “HUSBAND” and “MAD” while we were in the residence

Cropsy/Wooden Leg/ Cannonball display: Unexplained geophone alarm, Possible EVPs, pending full analysis

Under Both Flags/Civil War exhibit

Metallic clinking noise (similar to swords), Cold mass moving

Downstairs lobby

Unknown thump from Collection Storage area

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